The village of Watamu

"The enchanting village of Watamu is every eco-tourist’s dream."

- Tripadvisor

Not far from the hotel you will find the dreamy village of Watamu. Once just a quiet fisher village, it is now one of the most popular holiday destinations of the region. In the centre you will find small stores, souvenir shops, a scenic fish restaurant, banks as well as the local post office.

Our animations team would also be happy to introduce you to the local nightlife or recommend and visti some hip discotheques and restaurants to you.

Looking for something different? — Visit the internationally renowned Bio Ken Snake Farm, the most important producer of antivenom in all of East Africa and be thrilled by their collection of over 30 different species of poisonous snake.

Watamu is only a short bicycle ride from the hotel and also accessible via our hotel’s shuttle service.