Gede Ruins

“I will return and will not waste a single minute on thinking about staying at a different hotel! Thank you Temple Point Resort-team for these unforgettable holidays!”

- Oliver, Holidaycheck

Gede – The Lost City
Entangled by ancient baobab trees, the ruins of this once thriving Swahili settlement rise from the heart of the Kenyan jungle. Listen to the mystical silence of the age-old buildings of which to this very day nobody knows why they were so suddenly abandoned in the late 16th century.

The Butterflies
Right at the entrance to the ruins you will find the Kipepeo Butterfly Farm, where they breed rare species of butterflies, most of which you will only find inside the Arabuko Sokoke rainforest. Let yourself be enchanted by the animal’s iridescent colour patterns and get to know more about the different stages of evolution of these elusive insects.

Visiting Gede and the Kipepeo Butterfly Farm is a popular bicycle tour, our animations team would be happy to accompany you with.

The Locals
Round out your trip with a visit to a traditional African village. Watch the local people perform their tribal dances and experience the authentic cultural heritage of East Africa.