Safari Checklist

„I will return and won't waste a single minute thinking about booking a different hotel! Thank you Temple Point Resort team for this wonderful holiday!“

- Oliver, Holidaycheck

In the following you'll find a list of all items one should not forget on a safari trip. With these things packed you are ready for your safari adventure in Kenya!

We wish a lot of fun and good luck to discover all of the BIG 5!!


>> Safari Checklist to pack your bag.



  • Comfortable, bright summer clothing

  • Sturdy footwear

  • Long-sleeved clothing for the evenings at your camp or lodge

  • Cagoule should it be cold or rainy in the morning or evening hours

  • Swimming suit, a lot of camps/lodges do have a swimming pool

  • Headgear as a protection against the high solar radiation

  • Bagpack or a robust sling bag

  • Enough clothing to change


Toiletry kit:

  • Tooth paste & brush

  • Shampoo & shower gel

  • Hairbrush / comb

  • Shaving gear

  • Sunscreen

  • Handkerchiefs

  • Insect repellent spray with 50% DEET-concentration (e.g. NoBite)

  • nail file and nail scissors (Make sure not to put it into your hand baggage in the airplane!)


Other things:

  • More memory cards than you expect to need for your digital camera

  • Battery recharger for your electronic devices

  • Plug adapter (Some can be borrowed at the reception)

  • Plastic bags to store your electronic devices and protect them from the fine African dust

  • Torchlight and batteries

  • Mobile phone

  • Certificate of immunization

  • Passport / ID

  • Cash (US-Dollar or KES; can be changed at the reception)

  • Certificate of your overseas health insurance

  • Number to block your credit card

  • Transfer-, Hotel- and/or Safari-Voucher


First-aid kit:

  • Cooling gel for insect bites or sunbrun (e.g. Fenistil-Gel)

  • Headache pills (e.g. Aspirin)

  • Painkiller (e.g. Ibuprofen)

  • Gastrointestinal pills (e.g. Imodium Akut)

  • Plasters

  • Personal medication


>> Safari Checklist to pack your bag.