Our Philosophy

Dear guest,

When our slogan “Discover the spirit!” was born, we meant to build up a hotel where people love to spend their holidays. A resort where guests can laze away the day on the beach or go on thrilling safari trip into the surrounding nature. Our aim was to deliver the “spirit” of Kenya.

Today, I may proudly say: We achieved a lot more. “Discover the spirit” has turned into more than a simple slogan. It is the feeling of happiness in the hotel, the true Kenyan smiles you see here everyday — A spirit of friendship, of collegiality and a sense of responsibility and respect for each other.

It became an atmosphere of love and enthusiastic effort that flows into Temple Point Resort each day.

Last but not least we managed to build up a high class accommodation, but the thing that transformed it into a paradisiacal holiday destination are the people who live and work at this unique place, making you feel at home.

Let me invite you to discover this special spirit that you can’t find anywhere else in Kenya’s other resorts!

Yours sincerely,
The Managing Director