Water Sports - Indian Ocean and Mida Creek

“While the tide is lowering, the Mida Creek is the ideal place for kite surfing and the two beaches are outstanding places to kite as well.”

- Kirsten, Holidaycheck

Water Sports
The Temple Point Resort is Kenya’s ultimate El Dorado for water sports enthusiasts — and those who want to become such! Because of the unique situation in-between the Indian Ocean and the Mida Creek lagoon, we are able to offer you the most varied set of activities in all of Kenya:

Having been one of the scene’s top insider’s tip for years, Watamu has recently risen to fame as one of the best kite spots in the entire world. While professional riders enjoy the region for its perfect winds, newcomers are more than welcome to learn the basics of this trendy and spectacular sport in the nearby kite school.

We also offer water skiing, sail boarding, canoeing and kayaking as well as any other water sports our guests could desire — there’s nothing you can’t do off the coast of our resort!

Also note our snorkelling, diving and dolphin watching options in the Watamu Marine National Park.

Catamaran Sailing
The Temple Point Resort is proud to be the only hotel on the north coast to offer the services of our own catamaran to our guests. On board of the “Gulliver” you set sail along the Kenyan coastline, accompanied by our experienced crew. Lonesome islands, paradisiacal beaches and the historic harbour of Mombasa are waiting for you!

Big Game Fishing
The waters around the Temple Point Resort enjoy an excellent repute among international big game fishers and are the ideal fishing grounds for various species of game fish like the blue and black marlin for example. There are charter boats of all different sizes with professional equipment and crew, available in the local harbour.
We’d be happy to help you with booking the boat and will send you your tailor-made offer.