Culture and Entertainment

Do you like African cooking?
Our chefs invite you to take part in one of our African cooking courses. Get to know the sophisticated preparation methods of traditional Kenyan dishes and learn more about the fine spices of the black continent and their specific uses. Talk to us to arrange for an appointment with one of our best chefs.

Swahili Lessons
„Hakuna Matata!“ — Ever since Disney’s Lion King came along, this slogan has earned its place at the tip of everyone’s tongue. But did you know that this is actually the Kenyan language of Swahili? In relaxed atmosphere, our team would be more than happy to give you an introduction to this language bursting of optimism and vitality. Get to know the “Kenyan way of life” and discover the secret meaning behind “Hakuna Matata!” that will henceforth stay with you throughout the rest of your life!

Evening Entertainment — Songs, Dances and Acrobatics
Every night we invite young and talented artist to our hotel. Be amazed by their iridescent colours and glamorous tunes that will give you a fascinating understanding of the African culture. Make sure to also not miss out on the exciting performance of our daring acrobats that will leave you in nothing but awe!

The “African Night” — Enjoy Africa With All Your Senses!
We invite you to join in on an evening rich with art, culture and culinary delicacies, all around our Starlight Pool. Every Friday guests at Temple Point’s legendary “African Night” are able to look over our local chefs’ shoulders as they prepare their authentic African dishes, while listening to the tropical tunes of our Kenyan band.